Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Our Water Tank has Arrived!

Our rainwater tank is here! All RISD school gardens are required to be 100% sustained with recycled rain water - meaning that we are not allowed to use school water for the garden. This,necessitates a rain water collection system and adequate water storage. Today, our 1,000 gallon rainwater tank arrived on a trailer. Skyview students looked on and cheered as our shiny silver cistern made its way across the lawn an into the Skyview Harmony Garden. Thank you to Curtis Scoggins and his crew for unloading and installing the tank.

Our rain water collection system, which includes the tank, delivery, pump and downspout installation has a price tag of $2,950.00. We're still hoping to find a business to sponsor our rain collection system, but until then, the dedication plaque will remain blank. Make sure you come out for the official public ground breaking and spring fair on Saturday, April 16th from 9-11:30am to see our new tank (among other things). The Skyview Harmony Garden Ground Breaking is a not-to-be-missed community event!

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