Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Harmony Garden Mural & Ms. Emily Ash

It's only been a year since Skyview PTA broke ground on the Skyview Harmony Garden. But it has already become an RISD-wide attraction. At the center of our school garden is a stunning "L"-shaped mural - a mural created by Skyview's own art teacher, Ms. Emily Ash.

Ms. Ash is a local artist and educator. With the help of her 6th grade art students and the Skyview Art Club, Ms. Ash painted this enormous mural installation in the spring of 2016. The mural depicts children creating community through art, music and nature. The themes of equity, respect, community and reverence are highlighted in the mural.

This spring, we're excited to reveal part 2 of the mural installation. Hand-lettering that reads "Skyview Harmony Garden" is flanked by soaring skyhawks (the Skyview mascot). You'll have a chance to see the finished product on Saturday, April 22 at Skyview's Earth Day Fair & Garden Expo. Learn more about it here: During our Earth Day Fair you'll also have a chance to visit the Skyview Art Club booth and talk with Ms. Ash in person about her work and the process of installing such a large and inspiring mural.

Until then, here are some photos of the mural and some sneak peak shots of the newly painted elements:

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Community Work Party | March 25

Join your friends and neighbors at the 
Skyview Harmony Garden spring work party!

Saturday, March 25th
9:00 - 11:00am

Skyview PTA will have bottled water and snacks on hand for all volunteers. We will be weeding the vegetable beds, replenishing the decomposed granite pathways, planting a replacement tree that was lost during a storm last year, and planting flowers to beautify our campus! Please let us know if you're coming in one of three ways: leave a comment below, email us at, or RSVP on Facebook at

And if you're able, we're accepting donations of Vinca, a lovely sun-loving flower found at any and all nurseries. We'll be planting Vinca around the school marquee, as well as in flower beds around the school entrance and in the Harmony Garden. Thank you!!