Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Girl Scout Troop 7775 Donates to Skyview Elementary

This spring, the dedicated members of Girl Scout Troop 7775 decided to donate the proceeds of their cookie sales to the Skyview Harmony Garden. So this morning, before the school bell at Skyview Elementary rang and before most of our students have even had their breakfast, members of Girl Scout Troop 7775 assembled in the school garden site for a donation ceremony. They were joined by their parents, Skyview Principal Ingrid Dodd, Music Teacher Austin Aeschbacher and PTA President Sarah Greenman.

Troop 7775 donated 2 Gorilla Carts, various shovels, rakes and gloves, a lady bug colony, hand made ladybug houses, 5 trees, a compost tumbler and compost. The girls have been studying compost systems, permaculture, life sciences and insect cycles. Their donation today affirms their commitment to sustainable living, whole food culture, conservation and land stewardship. Thank you Troop 7775 for your thoughtful donations and your diligent work with the Girl Scouts! We love you!

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  1. What an amazing group of young ladies! Their families and community must be very proud of them.