Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Meet Skyview's New Garden Teaching Assistant

Samantha Zentner is not new to Skyview. She has been working with Skyview students and faculty as a parent volunteer and through our local Girl Scout chapter for the past two years! Her passion for gardening, eco-justice and education makes her the perfect addition to the Skyview Harmony Garden Family.

Sam will be on campus Tuesday and Thursday mornings to work with teachers, lead garden demonstrations, assist in the implementation of curriculum and to plan and oversee garden maintenance throughout the year. She will also periodically work with Skyview's Garden Club!

Below are some photos of Mrs. Zentner volunteering in the garden with students, her daughter and Girl Scout Troop 7775. Today is Ms. Zentner's first day on campus in her new role! So if you see her in the garden or in the halls at school, make sure you give her BIG "thank you" hug!

ABOUT MRS. ZENTNER:  Growing up in a small farming community in Michigan I often found myself assisting my family and neighbors in all sorts of gardening and greenhouse tasks.  From the age of 8 I worked long hours in the local farmers greenhouses perfecting my craft of seeding, transplanting and harvesting a year long crop. Never leaving the work of a full time job in the industry I found myself studying the craft and art of greenhouse sciences and botany at Grand Valley State University and taking numerous extension classes through Michigan State University and graduated college with a Bachelors of Art in early 2007.  From there I began my own floral and produce landscaping free-lance and worked full-time in the thriving industry of greenhouse chemistry through a local grower and Master Gardner.

 For the past 2 years my family and I have made Dallas our new home after a job relocation with my husbands career. From the occasional free-lance yard design to my own thriving patio garden (transforming it into an indoor greenhouse atrium for the winter months) my love for gardening and all things plants is definitely a labor of love and I look forward to sharing my passion for the subject with the students and faculty of Skyview Elementary School.

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