Thursday, January 7, 2016

Tubano Drums for the Skyview Harmony Garden

Here is our first set of instruments for the Skyview Harmony Garden! This purchase was made possible by donations from YOU via "Donor's Choose". Thank you to our music teacher, Mr. Aeschbacher for organizing the purchase of the Tubano Drums! We'll have more to announce in the coming weeks, but until then take a look at our colorful Tubano Drums!

An letter from Skyview's music teacher, Mr. Austin Aeschbacher:

Thank you all for your generous donations to this Outdoor Harmony Garden project. We are still in the early stages of development for our garden, but these tubano drums were the first leap of many in ensuring that this garden will impact all of my students to come. We are looking forward to a ground-breaking ceremony in April of this year, and we hope to enjoy the fruits of our labor in the Fall of 2016. 

With these tubano drums, our students are already thrilled and excited about what the future holds for their school, and I cannot wait for the chance and opportunity to reach students in a whole new classroom environment. I am certain that when these drums will be a show piece for everyone at Skyview to perform and make beautiful harmonies in the outdoor communal space.

With gratitude,
Mr. Aeschbacher


  1. Awesome and love how colorful they drums are - way to go Skyview!!

  2. Thank you Tiffany! We're so excited start phase two of our fundraising efforts and buy the rest of the instruments!