Thursday, April 16, 2015

Slow & Steady

It goes without saying that building a garden from the ground up is a lot of work. But building a school garden from the ground up requires even more. Right now, our school garden project is in the planning stages. Our Outdoor Learning Environment proposal has received wonderful support from the community and from the school district representatives assisting us along the way. However, codes, compliance, zoning, permits, plans, budgets and more must all be attended to before we start building.

The Skyview PTA wants you to know that we are currently in this long and very important part of the process. Taking our time to carefully plan and fund the garden is key to creating a lasting impact. Financial and human capital must be in place before we take a shovel to the proposed garden space. Thank you for your ongoing support as we walk through this process step by step.

Remember there are lots of way that you can help. Financial donations are happily accepted, but even more than that, we want your participation. When the garden is fully approved by the district, we'll need bodies and brains to help us install the garden in phases and maintain the space once it's in place. As you look ahead to your fall calendar, please consider setting aside some volunteer hours at the Skyview Harmony Garden. There will be lots of rewarding opportunities to pitch in.

Stay tuned!

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